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Pass the Police Academy Test

When it comes to passing the police exam, for some, this is a loing time coming and is something taken very seriously by some applicants. There’s nothing worse than having a goal, dream, or purpose only to be denied advancement because of a failure to pass the required exams. The crazy thing is that most of the time, people who fail the exam are simply unprepared, rather than unqualified. If you think about it, to achieve anything of personal value, it requires sacrifice (ie spending time studying […]

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Tips on Passing the Police Written Test

When it comes to trying to pass the police written exam, you will only do yourself a favor if you come prepared. There are many different aspects to passing the overall police test and the written exam is an important part of the process. The oral exam is also very important and the 2 combined will help determine if you become a police officer or are sent packing and being denied access to becoming a police officer. While it’s very possible to pass the written exam, it’s […]

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